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Upcoming Events 

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Tuesday, August 30th

General Membership Meeting #3
6 - 8pm 
Shady Hollow Country Club
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Friday, September 9th

University Series III - Dr. David Little
8am - 4pm 
The Conference Center, Kent State University at Stark
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Friday, November 11th

A Salute to Veterans with Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise
5 - 8pm 
MAPS Air Museum, North Canton
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News Items of Interest   


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SCDS Alliance News


The Alliance of SCDS will be concentrating on three major Dental Health Education Programs in 2016 [Read More]


ODA News


Does your office call or text

patients?  You might need 

to take measures to protect

your practice.

Recent FCC Ruling may

impact the way your

practice communicates

with patients.  

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ADA News:  

Read About Antibiotic Usage 

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"Conflict between


guidelines for prophylaxis of

orthopedic joint replacement


What should I do?

By Dr. Thomas Paumier

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