COVID-19 Resources and Information

Important information for dental professionals and their patients below:


Important Messages from the ADA and ODA (4-16-2020)

Businesses and employees can access all resources related to COVID-19 in one place at

The portal includes information on unemployment benefits, the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, the delay of BWC Premiums, etc.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Ohio State Dental Board COVID-19 Advisory

The State Dental Board has been closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus. As Dentists, Hygienists & staff we are a part of the healthcare community and have a responsibility in the prevention and mitigation efforts of the administration during this outbreak. Dentists are also in of the highest risk categories for both transmission and contraction of the Coronavirus as a majority of the procedures we perform creates significant aerosols in the operatories. As a part of the healthcare community and the community at large, we have to protect the safety of our patients and staff. The OSDB is closely monitoring the situation and decided to have these recommendations to the practicing dentists. This is a very difficult decision, but it comes at a critical time and it is our responsibility to take leadership in this situation and have protocols in place to reduce the spread and impact of Coronavirus amongst the communities we practice and live. The plan & recommendations will change as the situation demands and evolves.

CLICK HERE to view/download the complete Ohio State Dental Board COVID-19 Advisory

Office closure checklist from ODA President

Below are a few recommendations to consider when closing your office to non-emergency patients during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Turn off automated recalls for patients if you have an automated patient recall system.
  • Email or post a notice on your website to let your patients know you are closed and to inform them of procedures to follow in an emergency. Click here for sample language.
  • Check on any automated orders or payments you may have set up. Some entities are allowing for late or missed payments during this time.
  • Contact the post office to stop your mail.
  • If you’re a general dentist, contact the specialists you work with to see how you can work together to handle emergency situations.
  • Contact the lab(s) you work with to see if they are still open and if so stop any deliveries.
  • Clear the water lines in all of your units.
  • Make sure all of your units are shut down.
  • Turn down thermostats.
  • Turn off computers.
  • Shut off the water to your office.

To view all resources and updates from the ODA related to COVID-19, click here.

Coronavirus information and resources for dentists:

  • Click here for information from the American Dental Association about the Coronavirus specifically for dentists.
  • Click here for information from the Ohio Department of Health about the Coronavirus in Ohio.
  • Click here for information from the Centers for Disease Control about the Coronavirus.
  • Click here for information from the Centers for Disease Control on general infection control in the dental office.

Employers are required to post a new FFCRA poster

The U.S. Department of Labor has released a new poster that employers are required to post as of April 1, 2020. The new poster provides information about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

The ODA provides this and all other required posters for free to ODA members as a benefit of membership. Please click here to download the FFCRA poster, and click here to see a list of all posters. Please be aware that the U.S. Department of Labor recently issued a revised version of the FFCRA poster, so be sure to download the current poster to ensure you have the correct version.

The ODA's regulatory compliance guide also includes all required posters along with information to help ensure your office is in compliance with regulations. Click here to access "The Ohio Dentist Advisor: Your Guide to Regulatory Compliance."

If you need assistance logging into to be able to access the poster, please email U.S. Department of Labor has released a new poster that employers are required to post as of April 1, 2020. The new poster provides information about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Infectious Diseases in the News: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides important and up-to-date information to the public and healthcare providers on the status of reported cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the United States. Initial cases were reported in Wuhan, China and it is currently thought that the most likely mode of transmission is human to human. There are several reports of transmission from an asymptomatic person with the infection, so there remains much to be learned about how COVID-19 spreads.

Dentists are urged to view the CDC COVID-19 situation summary web page for current insight ( The risk of transmission in the United States is low at this time. Standard precautions should be taken with all patients, at all times.

CLICK HERE to view/download the ADA COVID-19 handout.

Keeping dental practice and patients safe from Coronavirus

Know the warning signs and steps to prevent the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

CLICK HERE to read an informative interview with Karen Daw, The OSHA Lady and Leslie Canham.

The key point for Employers to remember: It will be difficult for Employers to make a wrong decision.

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a “pandemic,” which means that there is sustained human-to-human transmission which is not geographically contained. It also means that Employers are given leeway in their workforce decisions.

“During a pandemic, employers should rely on the latest CDC and state or local public health assessments.” – EEOC

Employers are expected to make their best efforts to obtain public health advice that is contemporaneous and appropriate for their location, and to make reasonable assessments of conditions in their workplace based on this information.

CLICK HERE to read Coronavirus Update for Employers.

The Ohio Dental Association Services Corporation is fortunate to have partnerships with great companies that support the dental industry and our members. MedPro group has been an ODASC endorsed company for over 30 years. ODASC and MedPro Group are committed to serving ODA members in favorable conditions and through challenging times. At a time when the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is generating concerns and questions, we remain steadfast in our mission to support our customers with peace of mind, expertise and choice.

A message from ODASC-endorsed partner MedPro

  • Read FAQs - we've put together a list of FAQs to address the most common concerns you may have during this time.
  • View COVID-19 Risk Resources - additionally, we've compiled a series of links to COVID-19 risk resources from authoritative organizations.

If you do business with another liability carrier, make sure you contact them for information related to your particular situation.

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